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Making the World Cuter: They're leavin on a jet plane

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They're leavin on a jet plane

Well they are officially gone. We drove the kids to Portland this weekend and dropped them off at the airport. Zachary is now old enough, that we didn't even have to escort them to the gate. They are getting so grown up!
Since we weren't going to the gate, (and so I didn't have to lug my big old camera and Porter around) we took these pictures by the car.
This summer was a lot of fun with them here. There was rarely a day that we weren't swimming at the pool or the lake or playing at a park or the library.
The kids are getting to the ages where they are actually fun to play games with and have (sometimes) more grown up conversation.
We were able to joke around more with one another and enjoy ourselves more than in the past.
They didn't fight with one another hardly at all, (as for Ryeleigh fighting with Bekah...that's a different story).
I think it was a success! We miss you guys already, and can't wait till next year!


Blogger Dustan and Micayla said...

Look like you guys had a blast...I love the pictures of Chad and his two kids. That's neat to have--

Wed Jul 22, 02:30:00 PM


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