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Making the World Cuter: Portland-tastic

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.



We were in Portland this last weekend for a couple days.
On Friday we took Zachary to Harry Potter for his birthday and then we went on a little trip to Target.
2 things-
First: I miss and love you Target! You smell like dreams! (Only a select few might get that reference....)
Second: Has anyone else seen the recent installment of Harry Potter, a little dark for a PG rating no? Is it just me?Then that night my mom took all of us to a nickel arcade and Bekah and Ryeleigh cleaned out the place.
Ryeleigh won the jackpot on that ticket thing they have at all the Chuck E Cheese type places.
Then Bekah has a hidden talent I never knew about...she rocks at the claw! She was able to win herself 3 stuffed animals and a ball. She is a rock star!
Then we all went and saw Monsters vs Aliens in their cheap theatre.
That was a funny movie, and none of us had seen it yet-so that was a bonus.
Saturday morning we took the kids to the airport and it was bittersweet. It's always sad to see them go, but they were really excited to get home to see their mom, and pretty soon their new baby sister, she will be born any day now.Then Chad and Tyler went to the movie (again) while my mom, Tabitha, the kids and I went to IKEA. Yeah! Always the highlight for me.
This time there was a damper on my high though.
Topher was so excited about going in the play area, and since he is 3 and potty trained and all, I was all for letting him go play so I could enjoy my shopping that much more.
Well I get him and Bekah all signed in, they are all excited and then the lady has him stand against this ruler.
Then she tells me he is too short.
What is there some dangerous kind of ride in there?
Nope-them is just the rules.
Topher is short for his age-heck he is short for a 2 year olds age.
I thought it was completely discriminatory that just because he is short he can't play.
So then I had to bring both of them with me, which was fine, they did fine, but they were upset, and I could have had a lot more fun shopping with them actually happy about being there.
Anyway so that's my IKEA rant.
I still heart you IKEA and your fantastic prices on all the wonderful goodness you supply...but please don't discriminate against short kids. It's not their fault-it's in their genes!That night we had a salmon bbq with some of my moms friends and had a lot of fun conversation, and then I had to get to work on school stuff. I'm in the last week of my first two classes! Time flies doesn't it?Sunday we made our way to the rhododendron gardens before we headed out to feed the ducks and the geese. That is where all these pictures are from. It was really beautiful and being able to spend a little extra time with my family was great. One thing Chad and I realized though while we were there is, there is no place like home.
One time our home was Portland, and we loved it there, and still hold a special place for it in our hearts-the zoo, OMSI, IKEA, all the beautiful Targets, all the fun shopping, Sunny Hans, all the other fun and wonderful restaurants, and our friends and family that are there.
We know though, that Klamath Falls is where we are supposed to be, at least right now.
We love it, and wouldn't trade all of our wide open spaces for the nicest house in the little crammed in neighborhood, that used to be the neighborhood of our dreams.
Funny how perspective changes, depending on where you are in your lives, huh?


Blogger Lisa C said...

And Ikea is supposed to be so family-friendly. Did they give any reason for the height rule? It doesn't make sense. That's too bad.

Tue Jul 21, 11:51:00 AM

Blogger Dani said...

Your kids are so stinkin' beautiful! I love all the pics. I haven't been blog hopping for a while, so it was fun to see all your posts and all the fun you have been up to.

Tue Jul 21, 01:54:00 PM


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