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Making the World Cuter: The Farm Girl's Wedding

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


The Farm Girl's Wedding

If I wasn't a full time mom, and wanted to work outside the home, and travel and do all those things that I probably won't ever do, but have come to grips with...
I would be a wedding planner.
I would be darn good at it too.
I have done the flowers for a couple weddings, and helped do the flowers with my friends for lots of weddings, I have helped my mom cater weddings, and have helped with many a reception.
I really think that I would be an excellent wedding planner.
People would tell their friends about the wonderful lady who planned their wedding, and that wonderful lady would be me.
Ahhh to dream the impossible dream...

That dream is what keeps my mind reeling with a running log of ideas for weddings and parties.
The other day I was making a salad, and was thinking to myself...
"Self, these vegetables are so beautiful, I think they are more beautiful than flowers, don't you?"
And of course me being myself, answered, "Yes, yes they are."
That's when the farm girl's wedding was planned.
She will be so excited, this imaginary girl in my mind that will someday say "Oh great wedding planner, what wedding is right for me, a simple farm girl?", and I will tell her I have been planning her wedding for years...
The sweet farm girl bride will carry a beautiful bouquet of lettuce as she walks down the aisle of corn... The bridesmaids would have beautiful bouquets of carrots-you know the kind that chefs like Jamie Oliver always seems to have in abundance growing in his garden with the green stems...
The flower girls would throw brightly colored cabbage leaves in their wake....
The bride and groom would stand in front of the big red barn and pledge their love to one another while the sun sets, as the guests wipe their eyes at the beauty of it all, while sitting on bales of hay.
Later on at the reception held in the big barn...tables would be covered in white with small wooden baskets of beautiful fruit for the guests to sample at their leisure.
All of the food would be grown there on the farm and it would be fresh and delicious, and the guests would marvel that they had never been to a wedding that even came close to the magic of this one...
Then they would all wave their white hankies as the bride and groom ride off in their pumpkin carriage.

....and when my wedding dialogue starts colliding with a bedtime story with a fairy godmother, I realize, I should probably stick to being a mom for now.


Blogger Chad said...

Sounds like a really great wedding; I will marry you all over again and you can plan it "farm-style"

Wed Jun 24, 08:53:00 PM


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