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Making the World Cuter: What's wrong with inside the box?

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


What's wrong with inside the box?

Chad spent his only few free hours this week building the kids this sandbox, it's so great to have a hubby so handy...
...Jason came and helped him fill it up with wonderful sand. Thanks Jason!
My kids L-O-V-E it!
Now we need to figure out how to cover it up at night, and those few minutes each day when the kids are not in it.
We're thinking a tarp with grommets and hooks-does anyone else have a better idea?
We have a cat problem in our yard anyway, before we put up this giant temptation.
(I am not a cat person, especially since my last encounter with having one as a pet, it attacked me when I was pregnant with Christopher. I was bleeding from head to toe, Bekah got scratched in the process and I had to get a tetnas shot it was so bad. I have bad scars to prove it!
Then since we moved here, there are strays and neighbor cats who think our yard is their personal litter box. My kids have stepped in it, and one of our friends kids picked it up and ate some, so I have some problems with the dang cats.
I have considered lacing some tuna with anti-freeze...I won't do it, but the thought has crossed my mind, and made me smile a little.
(I apologize to those who do love cats, I have loved cats in the past, my own cats , that were cute cuddly kittens to begin with, I don't think of these cats as once being cute cuddly kittens, just obnoxious, pooping, rodents.))


Blogger Sara said...

How fun your kids have a sandbox, my kids are jealous! So I guess you will not be one to relieve me of on of my three obnoxious pooping rodents, hahaha?
So I have heard if you sprinkle coffee grounds in your sand box the cats will stay far away. I have not tried it yet but it might be worth a shot!

Sun May 17, 07:07:00 PM

Blogger Jamie said...

Hey Tiff how are ya??? It's been like 6 years since I have seen or heard from you... I am so sorry it has been so long. It is amazing how our lives change in such a small amount of time. Your family is adorable and you have so many adorable pictures. Anyway, it's funny my sister was here showing me her my space stuff... (I haven't got myself to do that yet) any way I told her to check and see if you had one and sure enough... Anyway I was glad that we found you. You'll have to give me updates on what you have been up to these past 6+ years. I hope all is well... Talk to you soon...

Sun May 17, 09:57:00 PM

Blogger XO said...

motion sensor sprinklers. i have no love for cats - but i wouldn't hurt one either.

Mon May 18, 06:59:00 AM

Blogger Jason Appah said...

Live trap them, although I realize that was chads dads idea...

motion sensor sprinklers is cool.. but I think acutally the easiest and cheapest is the tarp....

Mon May 18, 12:11:00 PM

Blogger Lisa C said...

Cute pictures, great sandbox! Yeah, definitely don't want any cat poop in it. I like cats, I have two, but I hate the ones that trespass in our yard, ruining our plants and antagonizing my pets--one of the reasons I don't let my cats outside is because I don't want them to pester the neighbors. I don't know how to get rid of them, though...

Wed May 20, 09:08:00 AM

Blogger Dustan and Micayla said...

Um...that is something to figure out cause cat poop can give your kids worms...good luck! And what a fun thing----

Wed May 20, 12:46:00 PM

Blogger Tom said...

you should keep it covered. I think I remember a horrible picture of a kid's eye which was said to be the result of parasites which made their way from a cat to a sandbox and to the little kid's eye.
check out my new video "cute cuddly kittens" which isn't about sandbox contamination.

Tue Jul 07, 11:44:00 PM


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