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Making the World Cuter: Seafoam Memories

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Seafoam Memories

Let's take a trip down memory lane shall we?
When we were little my dad, who was a self taught chef, ate the strangest things when we were home.
I guess after working around food all day and making up complex and delicious recipes for the restaraunt he worked for, made him want to come home and just do something simple.
Simple...well that's an understatement.
Most of the time when my dad cooked for us, or himself, he would do something like open a can of refried beans, slop some on a tortilla with a slice of Kraft singles cheese (which I have such an aversion to) and stick it in the oven.
Or he would open a bag of Wonder bread, put several slices in a large tupperware bowl, pour milk over it and drizzle it with honey.
Seriously, the man could cook food that was knock your socks off good-but this is what he ate at home.
Then there was his sweet tooth, the man loved candy and was selfish with it. He would seriously hoard it and hide it from everyone in the house. It wasn't like Hershey kisses or skiddles he was hiding either, (although he was probably stashing those too), he would go to specialty shoppes and get the good stuff.
There were days that he would be super generous and give us a tiny bite of his delicious candy store findings.
My favorite of his selections, and I think it was his too, was Seafoam.
The delicious smooth milk chocolate would melt in your mouth first and then the honeycomb like inside would start to dissolve on your tongue, just long enough to make you crave the rest of it so much that you couldn't help but bite into that crunchy goodness.
Now that I am a grown up, and have been to several chocolate shoppes in my life, I now understand why he was a little more selfish about these treats.
Gourmet chocolates can be mighty pricey.
So I came across this recipe for something that looked like seafoam.
I had to try it out right away.
Guess what?

It's just like I remember it.

Recipe posted here. (On my new recipe blog...under construction.)



Blogger Julie Fox said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Fri May 22, 11:49:00 AM

Blogger Julie Fox said...

It's funny how our memories work. It's actually me who LOVES the seafoam and your Dad bought it for me. Your Dad loved chocolate covered cherries above everything else, you would have nothing to do with them. He still hid them, he was still sure someone might eat them allthough, none of us liked them. I'm sure it's due to having grown up with 9 syblings. It wasn't something I had dealt with, just having one sybling I thought hiding food was strange. I thought it was funny because after we had more kids, you started hiding all your candy, especially Reese's Peanut Butter cups, you would strangle your sisters if they got into your stash! The food he hid from you most of all was the Grandma's wedding cookies. They don't make them anymore but you loved them when you were tiny. Do you remember those? By the way, I'll be there in a couple weeks, make me some Seafoam!!!

Fri May 22, 11:51:00 AM

Blogger Craig, Toshya and Mckayla Holley said...

Mom, that's so funny, I was just about to tell Tiff that it was you that ate the seafoam and with Dad it was the Danish wedding cookies. When he was going through radiation he wanted those cookies and I lokked everywhere for them, I am sad that they don't make them anymore!

Fri May 22, 04:49:00 PM

Blogger Tiffany said...

If you could both just let me have my good memory of my dead father that would be great! :) Dad liked seafoam too-I wasn't talking about all the other treats he liked, I know he liked all those things and I know that mom loved seafoam the most, but my memory is of my dad sitting in his blue chair with a little See's chocolate bag and giving me bites of seafoam. Mom-you must have not shared, because I don't have that memory with you! :)

Fri May 22, 10:16:00 PM

Blogger Lisa C said...

Don't you hate it when people tamper with your memories? :P This was a sweet post (no pun intended). That seafoam looks delicious!

Sat May 23, 08:34:00 PM


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