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Yeck! It tastes like not having a dog....

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Making the World Cuter: Yeck! It tastes like not having a dog....

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Yeck! It tastes like not having a dog....

Did anyone besides me read or watch "Because of Winn-Dixie"? If not, it's a cute little book and movie that the whole family would like. Well, anyway, there is a little girl in there named Sweetie Pie and she wants a dog really bad, so she follows around the girl in the story who has a dog all the time. There is also a candy in the town and when you eat it, it tastes good, but also has some sadness mixed in, so everyone can taste something that makes them sad. Well when Sweetie Pie puts it in her mouth, she spits it out and says "Yeck, it tastes like not having a dog."
Well if anyone would taste that as the saddest thing in their life it would be Bekah. She wants so bad to have a dog, she wouldn't leave Charlie and Cody alone.
She always tells us how sad she is that Bauer had to go away, and how she misses him soo sooo much. She draws pictures of him and other dogs that she wants to keep 'forever'. She plans parties at our house with invitations and games and the whole bit, and asks me if we can invite all the dogs over for a dog party.
Every time she sees ANY dog, she says "THAT is the kind of dog I want!" She asks me on a daily basis, when we will be able to get one, and I always tell her either when she's old enough to clean up the poop (she says she will NEVER be that old!) or when Dad has more time to take care of a dog, because I already have a baby to take care of, and I don't need another one. Plus we aren't supposed to have pets at our rental.
So she knows that we will most likely move when Chad is done with school into our own house, and that she will be 8 at the time. She has been asking me more and more when she will turn 8. How many days mom!?!
This girl needs a dog so much, I am tempted to get her one-but all it takes is seeing Charlie pee all over the place when someone says "Hi puppy!" in a high pitched voice to remind me why we won't be getting one for a long time!
Then on the other hand-there is this kid-in a TV coma at Grandma's.
Completely oblivious to the dogs or anything else going on around him.This is why we don't have television at home, and why we won't get television any time soon.
This is how we all were whenever we were at the house.
The TV was on and we were all blanking out in front of it.
How anyone gets anything done with all those channels is a big mystery to us!


Blogger The DeWeese's said...

sooo sad, that girl needs a dog bad! the peeing thing sucks but look how happy she is ;)

Mon Dec 01, 01:39:00 PM


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