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Making the World Cuter: Duck Duck Goose Squirrel

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Duck Duck Goose Squirrel

On Saturday we went to Rhododendron Park for some pictures and feeding the abundance of water fowl and squirrels they have there. These animals know that humans are there to feed them-those squirrels are HUGE! All the animals would take stuff right out of your hand and Topher was having a ball petting the geese and chasing the ducks. I got a couple fun pictures of the kids by the ducks and just playing around the pond. I wanted to get some cute shot's of the kids with my new camera, on some rocks in the stream and on the stairs but Bekah had to go to the bathroom. I went off in search of a bathroom, just to find that it was locked up for the season. Then after that excursion I came back to get my camera from my brother and Topher biffed it hard on the rocks and took a big chunk out of his lip-blood everywhere. So I had one bloody kid and another doing the pee pee dance, (Porter was in the snuggly, cuddling with daddy). So we called it a day and headed on home.
We'll have to try again in the Spring when the flowers are in bloom.


Blogger The DeWeese's said...

cute pics. poor topher! and the first pic looks like a senior pic with his abc coat :) hahaha miss your face

Mon Dec 01, 01:38:00 PM

Blogger Marque and Sarah said...

You always take such good pictures.

Mon Dec 01, 08:12:00 PM

Blogger Mamaappah said...

People have been feeding the obese squirrles Mcdonalds I think. Looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend.

Tue Dec 02, 04:14:00 PM


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