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December Daily 12: Peppermint Bark

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Making the World Cuter: December Daily 12: Peppermint Bark

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


December Daily 12: Peppermint Bark

My favorite Holiday treat is also the easiest thing to make-I'm pretty sure you can't screw this up. I mean if you tried, you probably could-but it would be hard!
For those of you who have never made it-super easy.
All you need to do is melt a bag of your favorite kind of chocolate chips-traditionally it is dark-but Chad hates dark-so we go with milk. I melt mine in a double broiler-but I'm sure you could use the microwave.
After the chocolate is melted-spread on some parchment paper in a thin layer-stick in freezer.
Melt white chocolate-I use Bakers white chocolate and try to use as much as the other chocolate-but I think any kind with cocoa butter in it would work well-just don't use those nasty candy making white chocolate, because it would be an abomination to the wonderful candy!
Once that is melted spread it on top of the frozen chocolate layer and sprinkle immediately with crushed peppermint.
Put in fridge or freezer to harden then break like peanut brittle to serve.
Ahhh heavenly delightful stuff!


Blogger Unknown said...

Just made some, can't decide to thank you now or later for the extra five pounds this will garantee!

Tue Dec 16, 08:51:00 PM

Blogger Goodman Family said...

Totally made it and so yummy!!!! This is going to be the neighborhood treat from here on out.

Wed Dec 17, 07:20:00 PM


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