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Making the World Cuter: So cute, it's spooooooky!

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


So cute, it's spooooooky!

The kids and I have been making some Halloween crafts the past couple of days-okay... mostly me, but the kids were there. They are easy enough to make with kids-so if you can give up control, (I obviously can't) then they are easy and cheap or close to free to make if you already have the stuff!

These are cheesecloth ghosts, I saw them on Today's Creative Blog and when I showed Chad he said his mom made these-so he was a giant help in finding cheese cloth (in the painting section, who knew?) You mix glue and warm water, dip it, and drape it over balloons. The next day it's hard. You pop the balloons, glue on felt faces and....

... voila!
Here they are-on my entertainment center all spookified with my LED tea lights-not an awesome photo-but I think you can tell how cute they are!These were easy and fun-some of my kids old clothes, stuffed with plastic bags-made a head with a brown paper bag and a face with markers. Easy Peasy.
The kids LOVE them and named them; Topher named the boy Ray and Bekah named the girl Carla.

On an unrelated note-my boy is wearing pink rainboots in this next photo, he thinks it's hysterical to wear his sisters shoes lately. I mean giggle his guts out hysterical. My preggers friend Sara had this on her blog and it made me chuckle. Since this was a crafty blog post I thought I'd add it on.I also wanted to share a little story that happened yesterday that was kind of funny.

We are renting our house that we live in as most of you know and a guy came over yesterday to fix our (totally retro) gas fireplace and while he was here, Chad and I just continued our conversation. Those of you who have hung around Chad and I know how we talk to eachother-Chad says it's flirting..whatev-it's just the way we are. We weren't talking about anything really, he was telling me that the stake primary president left a message for me on his phone and that I needed to call her back, and we were just talking back and forth about me being a flake for not calling her earlier in the day etc.. we were laughing and just talking while doing the dishes.

Well when the guy was leaving he stopped and told Chad that he had been in a lot of homes and heard a lot of things, but listening to us that day had just been a real pleasure, and he really enjoyed being in our home. He shook his hand with a genuine smile on his face and left.

I thought that was funny, and pretty neat that a stranger noticed that we have a good relationship and could feel the happiness and love that we have in our family and in our home, just by listening in on us for a few minutes while we were going about our lives. I'm glad he left with a warm feeling that wasn't from the warm manning...

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Blogger XO said...

What a fun homemade Halloween decoration! I still have yet to decorate my house with normal pictures (walls are basically bare). Someday I'll get into holiday decorating... probably not until I'm shamed into it hough.

Sat Oct 18, 09:22:00 PM

Blogger Jaime said...

dude, I am totally tearing up reading that. it is so sweet!!

Sat Oct 18, 10:56:00 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

I think you guys are awesome, just like me and Jason;)

Sun Oct 19, 09:54:00 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

Ok, we made the ghosts for FHE tonight. So easy and cute, thanks for the post. See you at volleyball!

Mon Oct 20, 08:36:00 PM

Blogger Ashley said...

I love it! You are such a creative little mama!

Fri Oct 24, 05:58:00 PM


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