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Chad had to get surgery on his hand-he got it on Tuesday the day after the funeral. They put 5 pins in his thumb! We had to wait for 2 weeks after that for a follow up, so we ended up staying in Utah for 2 and a half more weeks. We went in for the follow up and they took off his splint-
There are pins sticking out in every which way and the skin was all shriveled around each pin and it stinks and seriously you might get a little light headed if you saw the pictures on my phone. I won't share them here-don't worry-just the x-rays! Chad got a little light headed himself and had to lay down on the table. He will have to keep the cast on for at least 4 more weeks and then a brace for 3 weeks more-then he can start taking that off when he isn't doing anything too strenuous. So he won't be working for awhile....or doing dishes....or changing diapers. So not cool.


Blogger A. Simpson said...

Oh like he was doing all those things to begin with! jk- I know he rocks as a helpful hub!

Wed Sep 17, 09:12:00 PM

Blogger Julie Fox said...

I think the important question that everyone wants to know but is afraid to ask... How will this effect his ability to play guitar hero?

Thu Sep 18, 01:39:00 PM


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