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Making the World Cuter: Mystery Solved

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Mystery Solved

We have been a little crazy lately and have gotten out of the habit of our weekly "Discovering Oregon" trip. A reminder of what that is for us-when we lived in Utah we didn't really get out and do anything that Utah had to offer-you know the things people come to Utah for. For instance Chad has never been to Canyonlands or the Arches and I have never been to Lake Powell. Not once. I know..pathetic right?

Well when we moved to Oregon we promised ourselves we would not do that here. For the most part we haven't let that happen-we have seen and done so much while we have been here. We used to do something weekly, but it's been awhile.

Since we have been in Klamath Falls we have done a few cool things around here-Lake of the Woods, The Lava Caves and of course Crater Lake. We decided we need to get back on our weekly discovery trip.

So this week we 'Discovered Link River Trail.'
In 1867 Klamath Falls was settled at the Link River and named Linkville. It wasn't changed to Klamath Falls until 1893. It was named Klamath Falls after Klamath Lake and I believe that was named after an Indian tribe.
Since we have moved here, everyone that has never been here asks us if there are falls here. We hadn't seen any-just a lot of lakes, until today. There might be bigger falls somewhere down the river or somewhere else in town-but this is all we have seen. We found it pretty humorous that the town could be named after this water fall. So the big mystery has been solved!
Along the trail there were many berry bushes to pick yummy berries from.
It took a lot of convincing to get Bekah to try one-so much that I had to threaten her to take her back to the car if she wouldn't. She sobbed and sobbed until she finally tasted one and then we couldn't stop her from picking them....
Or the flowers.
We had no problem getting Topher to try the berries-and this is what his hands looked like after a few minutes-he also had them all over his face and legs and feet...I swear this kid can get so messy-so quick!There were also these orange wild plums, I think they were, that were OH SO GOOD! I want a tree of my very own. The kids probably ate 50 each. I'm sure I ate twice that!
Porter slept in the snuggly the whole way up until the last 2 minutes, so he had pretty perfect timing. He loves being in the snuggly or the sling.Me and the kids in front of the river. Such a fun walk-the kids can't wait to go back, and I'm excited to have something so fun so close!


Blogger Julie Fox said...

I wish I was there!

Tue Sep 23, 05:10:00 PM

Blogger Lisa C said...

I'm so jealous. When Phillip and I were dating, all we ever did was outdoor stuff. It was so fun! Now, we do nothing. I keep begging to go somewhere, but nothing ever happens!

Wed Oct 01, 01:03:00 PM


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