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Making the World Cuter: Anyone seen RV?

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Anyone seen RV?

Well grab a bowl of popcorn and settle in for a story not unlike that.

Scott and Suzanna, and Mona (Chad's sister and her husband, their 4 kids and Chad's mom) rented a motorhome to come visit us.
Sorry there are no pictures-you will have to use your imagination. It shouldn't be hard if you have seen the before mentioned movie.
It's about a 10 hour drive to our house from theirs.
First of all they were planning on leaving Monday morning-after everything was said and done they didn't get on the road till 5.
The fridge didn't work-they paid some guy $200 to fix it-kept going-still doesn't work.
Late Monday night get to Winemucca Nevada the armpit of America-park and go to sleep for the night.
Early Tuesday morning someone is banging on the door. It is a police officer asking them if they are aware they are parked right in front of a correctional institution. After a quick look for unwanted homicidal hitchhikers they were back on the road.
Oh yes, did I mention they brought no GPS, no Mapquest, no atlas, no nothing.
They call Chad who tells them to get on 95 and then turn left on highway 140.
They get on 95, we are expecting them by about noon.
At about noon we call them to see where they are-they are still on 95.
They were only supposed to be on 95 for 35 miles, instead they stayed on it for over 300. They missed the turn and are now clear near Ontario, Oregon.
Are you kidding me?
That motor home ain't cheap to fill with gas.
They get on 20 which means they are heading toward us again, we expect them by 7 pm.
We call them at about 5, they are still on 20.
Ooops missed the turn again to 395-they are now clear up by Bend.
At least they can'y say they didn't get to see much of Oregon.
They don't get to us until almost midnight.
2 whole days of their vacation shot.
Well it's got to get better right?
Wednesday morning.
What is that smell?
We need a dump station fast. The tank might have never been emptied. There is no hose. One more expense.
It's clogged and stuck-Scott beat the crap out of it...literally.
Luckily it all goes in the hole and not all over Chad and Scott.
Come back to our house-Something banging on the roof of the beast-the satellite is busted.
Chad and Scott on the roof. Christopher decides to take a look inside.
What was that? It wasn't Topher and it wasn't the guys.
BANG! Again. What the???
Topher comes out and is standing on the step.
Topher goes flying off the step and water goes flowing from every corner of the motor home. The water tank had exploded. Topher is banged up and soaked and the force of the explosion broke the tile in the motor home.
Well what's done is done.
Let's pile in the thing and go to the Lake.
It's one of the hottest days of the summer-oh look the AC stopped working. WONDERFUL!
We get to the Lake of the Woods all is good until... See "Lake of the Frogs?" post below.
Thursday we are all worn out we take a day off. Tage, their second son has tubes in his ears and they are draining bad and Tage is in all sorts of pain-what's fun to do on vacation?
Spend 3 hours in an emergency room with a crying, sick 3 year old.
Friday we all decide to try out the motor home again and go to Crater Lake. Almost okay-see "Crater Lake" post below.
Saturday we decide to all go down the coast, play at the beach, maybe go to Astoria. Then we would go to Portland find a nice restaraunt and see some of the sites downtown and maybe the temple. Sounds like a perfect day right? See "Say Cheese" below.
They get home Sunday night, they unload on Monday.
Scott takes the motor home to the gas station to top the blasted thing off.
On the way out of the parking lot, it bottoms out.
The oil pan falls off.
Oil all over State street in Pleasant Grove, luckily it's the middle of the night and there aren't many cars on the road.
After a fight with the tow company and $200 later they come and tow it about a mile down the street.
Scott ends up paying for the oil pan.
Suzanna has to come pick him up, Scott is pretty sure he is having a stroke.
Luckily he wasn't, I would have.


Blogger XO said...

lol- you're such a good story teller - I don't even need to see the movie now. I've ALWAYS wanted an RV. When I left on my mission, Joel sent me a picture of him and his new RV that he had just bought. Closest I came to coming home early....

Sun Sep 21, 08:50:00 PM

Blogger Goodman Family said...

Yep, I will agree. I needed a bowl of popcorn for that one. So sad!

Tue Sep 30, 09:42:00 PM


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