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Making the World Cuter: Coming Home!!!

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Coming Home!!!

We finally got to come home from the hospital on Friday, July 11. It was a very long week, it was so nice to come home and be with Chad and the kids again.
Here I am finally able to get him dressed in something other than the hospital undershirts! He is such an eenie little peanut-it's a lot different getting this little light weight dressed compared to my other giant babies that's for sure! Then below a very happy mommy (looking hagard and exhausted-because I am) and Porter leaving the hospital room.Happy Daddy getting to take his little baby home. I know it was hard on him too, not being able to stay at the hospital with us, but we just didn't have anyone we could leave the kids with overnight. We were so unprepared for him to come this early! So I know Chad was as excited as I was for us to be coming home.The kids were really excited to have us come home too. Topher was really excited to have his mommy home-I think he thought I moved to the hospital-he was super excited the next day to see that I was still home. My friend Carol that lives by my mom sent these adorable big bro and big sis shirts to Bekah and Topher-they are SO cute! Both kids love having baby Porter home too, they always want to hold him and Topher always wants to "help". I have to have Porter vision 24-7, so the poor little guy doesn't get too loved by his big brother.Here is a picture of the whole brood-look how eenie Porter is! I can't believe how small he is!
We just found out today that Zach and Ryeleigh are going to be staying an extra week-so they are going home on August 3. So our house is loud, insane and crazy full-but I would still rather be here with all this, than be in the hospital by ourselves!
I am still feeling a little stressed about having him come early because I don't have a bedroom for him right now-so all of his stuff is in our room and makes me feel a little (okay a lot) crazy. I am just so glad that he is here and that he is okay, that it makes the craziness (mostly) bearable.
Thanks for everyone's comments and well wishes on Chad's post-we love you all!


Blogger The Johnston's said...

Congrats on bringing him home! I always love those days...the hospital is alright but home is the best! He is teeny, but adorable.

Tue Jul 15, 07:54:00 PM


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