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Making the World Cuter: Choo Choo!

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Choo Choo!

I am so glad my boy is a boy's boy! Chad and I bought him a GeoTrax engine (just an engine with a remote, no track or anything) when he was one, even though it said 2 1/2 and up-because let's face it-little boy toys are way cooler to buy then little girls. Clothes? That's different, but definately toys are cooler in the little boy section of the store. Well anyway-this engine has sat in their room, still in the box, for over a year waiting for the day when he would be old enough to want to and to be able to actually play with it. That day finally came! Thursday morning Christopher brought down the box that he had gotten off the top shelf in his room some how and came running into our room all excited. "CHOO CHOO MOM, CHOO CHOO DAD! OPEN IT!" I think we were more excited than he was. After a good half hour of untwisting the plastic ties (why do they make it so stinkin tough to open those things!) the little engine was open and the batteries were put in the remote so that he could make train noises. He was perfectly content to carry around the engine and make the noises...we weren't. All day, both of us were a little antsy to see him be able to actually see what the train could actually do. We were trying to be good though and not spend any money on more toys. Well as you can see, by late afternoon, I was done waiting, I told Chad I was going to go grab just a little package of tracks so that he could at least make it go around in a circle. I told Christopher what we were going to go do, and he was thrilled. "Choo Choo track mom?", all the way to the store. About an hour later not only did we have the package of tracks we also had Grand Central Station with another engine that went in reverse too. I couldn't help it! I got a killer deal on it, and Topher still had some birthday money left, so it was all justified. Besides how could I pass this up? He hasn't left it for very long since he's gotten it, and it's all so easy to take apart and put back together that he has changed the tracks countless times. It's got little people to put in the trains and on the elevator, so he has not got bored with it at all. He pretty much leaves it to go get someone else to play with him since there are 2 engines to drive. We are all willing-this thing is the coolest!


Blogger Fab5 said...

That is freakin cute kid!

Sun Jul 06, 01:44:00 PM


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