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Trains & Reins Part 2: Reins

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Making the World Cuter: Trains & Reins Part 2: Reins

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Trains & Reins Part 2: Reins

The train took us up to Soldier Summit where we all unboarded and followed some cowgirls and a cowboy over to the corral where everyone, but me and the 2 little ones and my sister and her baby, all saddled up on a horse for a 90 minute horseback ride up the mountain.Zach on Valerie.Ryeleigh on Banschee.

Chad on Chesney.Fortunately the kids got entertained for a little bit, while everyone was saddling up they got to feed the horses some dandelions. Then after everyone left, they got to help groom this pony Cherokee.......Then they got a little ride on him. Talk about Bekah's cup of tea! She was telling the cowgirl, how when she grows up she wants to be a cowgirl, and that she knows all about horses, and how to brush them, and how they need to eat lots of hay, and need to be ridden every day. Luckily the cowgirl was patient with her and even took her on a longer walk than she said she usually does, Bekah was so happy! Then it was Christopher's turn.......Mr. Serious. He didn't smile, not once. I knew he loved it though, because he would shout out commands to the cowgirl every few minutes-"this way!" "that way!", and when it was time for him to get off-he held on to the horn and said "no" in the most stubborn way I have ever heard.Then after the pony ride we sat.

And waited.

For what seemed like forever.

Luckily we had our lunches that they provided for us to occupy the kids for a bit, so I wasn't chasing the littlest one the entire time, trying to keep him out from under the horses. Then when they got back and all had their lunches we all got back on the train and headed back to the station. The kids were all wound up, they had such a fun day and to top it all off we headed to Granny's back in town where they have yummy ice cream and shakes. So give a bunch of wired kids a bunch of sugar and you get crazy.So we came home and let them run crazy for a bit-then I got my break! Scott and Suzanna invited us up to Sundance for dinner at the Tree Room sans kids. My family watched the kiddos and we went on a date with them and my mother in law. It was really nice to just have a grown up night out, even though the service was really bad-and for a $300 bill-you would think the waiter would have some tact! Too bad for him huh? My moms best friend Brenda and her fiance Mark came up to the resort for dinner with my family, so we got to spend a little bit of time with them too, it was a busy, crazy, but nice day.


Blogger Lisa C said...

I miss Sundance! I used to go there for the theatre in the summertime. Also went there for a Homecoming dance. Ah, fond memories of my college days...

Isn't awful went you have to fork over a bunch of money to eat at a "nice" place, and then the service is bad? How about when the service AND the food is bad??

Sat Jun 28, 10:56:00 PM


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