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Eins, Swei, Drei

Okay, last day of the trip-sorry to put these in reverse!
Saturday-we went back out to Park City to the Olympic Park, which I thought might be kind of lame and boring, at least for me-since I couldn't do any of the activities-but turned out super cool.

My mom paid for all of us to go on a little tour of the facilities and it was pretty fascinating to see the whole thing and learn all the little things about all the sports and what went on during the Olympics.Zachary on the luge-looking a little terrified that the guy might actually make him go down the hill. They used Zach as an example since he is the age at where they start training athletes to do the luge. Crazy!These are some ski's they use on the ski jump below-the guy had Tyler stand next to this to show how tall they were-and he said that the ski's Tyler would use are at least another foot longer-I can't even imagine! The ski jump below was so tall, it was a little freaky standing at the top of it, and I am not scared of heights at all.

We then got to see some people practice on the ski jumps and land in a pool of water which was awesome and Bekah liked that part the best. We stayed and watched them while Zach, Ryeleigh and Tyler went and did some of the rides. I would love to go back when I am not pregnant and do the bobsled-even though it would be as scary as anything-it would be a once in a lifetime thing that I would love to do. It's pricey though $60 for less than a minute ride-but you get up to over 4 g's which is what the astronauts hit when they go into space. If you go in the winter you go even faster and pay $140 more! Still wouldn't it be cool to do? Has anyone out there done it?


Blogger Perkes Family said...

What a fun trip!! Looks like you guys has agreat time with family and friends. I am glad to hear things are going so well. Your belly is looking so cute!

Thu Jun 26, 02:29:00 PM


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