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Daddy's day, Craziness, and Lake Burns

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Making the World Cuter: Daddy's day, Craziness, and Lake Burns

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Daddy's day, Craziness, and Lake Burns

The whole Hewlett family, yeah there really are that many!Sunday was Fathers Day-so we picked up Zachary and Ryeleigh (for the summer) and spent the day with the WHOLE Hewlett clan (a miracle in itself)-we went up to the craziest biggest house I have ever seen to get family pictures, (Seriously check this place out-we did not have them inside the house-because we all didn't have tuxes and formals with us-instead we took the pictures on the over 30 acres of landscaped area!). Chad, his mom and his siblings. I honestly don't know if there is a better looking family out there-and lucky me-my kids get some of those genes!
Down below is a picture of all of Mona's grandchildren-and one great grandchild. That is a lot of little Hewletts! There are lots more great pictures of the family that my sister in law posted here on this blog.Then we came back and had a big, yummy dinner and lots of fun with cousins and in-laws. I would have pictures of the occasion, but wouldn't you know it-right before our trip, I downloaded all my pictures from my memory card and then left the card in the computer-so the pictures I had taken before were just on my camera and it only holds 12 pics! I had to buy another one the next day.
That night we drove out to Midway to stay in the Worldmark resort there with my family for the week.
Monday we just hung out with our family-went swimming, played ping pong, the kids played Wii fit and we had dinner with our family friend Mike. It was a crazy, fun filled day-and I thought it was going to be the busiest of the week-boy was I wrong!

This was Tuesday. We went to Jordanelle-rented a couple ski do's, invited our family friends-Mike and David and Chad's sister Tiffany and her kids and spent the WHOLE day on the lake. The kids played in the lake with their cousins-everyone had a few turns on the ski do's, we sat by the lake, ate a bunch of food, Topher helped Papa fly his kite, and everyone except for my little ones (who I slathered with sunscreen continuously) at least got a little bit-and some got a lot a bit sunburned.

It was a crazy day and then we went home and had my Aunt and Uncle and a bunch of their kids over for dinner. Good times. Wow, does anyone else realize I am 8 months pregnant and doing all this? I didn't think so.


Blogger Fab5 said...

Holy frick Chad's family is REALLY good looking! Sheesh not one ugly in the whole bunch.

Thu Jun 26, 08:51:00 PM


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