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Making the World Cuter: Oh what do you do in the Summertime?

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Oh what do you do in the Summertime?

As I go to post these pictures of the past few days I am looking out the window as the rain falls on the sidewalk-and I am trying to remember that it really was that hot 2 days ago! It got to be over 90 degrees here in Portland, it felt like summer for sure-with no warm up to the idea-just here's the hot! We were trying anything and everything to keep cool-while still trying to enjoy the sunshine. We did spend it at my moms-since we don't have air conditioning here-and our apartment was pretty unbearable.
The first day of heat-I let the kids run through the sprinkler and jump in the puddles they made in the grass at my moms with their clothes on because I didn't bring their swimsuits.
The next day we brought the swimsuits, did that whole scene again-ate ice pops, played in the long grass and took naps on the swing (okay the last one was just me-I'm pregnant, taking naps is what I like to do lately!)

We are looking forward to more fun in the sun-I just hope the weather gradually warms up, so we can get used to it rather than just dumping it on us again-we were all a little heat shocked!


Blogger A. Simpson said...

Tiff! You are seriously so cute. Mmmmm, otter pops. I heart popsicles.

Thu May 22, 12:21:00 PM


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