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Mothers Day Picture 08

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Making the World Cuter: Mothers Day Picture 08

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Mothers Day Picture 08

At this apartment we just don't have a cute background to set the kids up against like we did at the last one, so here they are on the patio for their semi-annual "We Love You Grandma" pic. Christopher was of course being a big stink for the whole thing, and Bekah was watching him-but I think I got one or two decent ones.
I think I like the top one the best and I'm thinking I will change it to black and white like this...what do you think?


Blogger A. Simpson said...

I like the 3rd but they're all cute of course. You're so good to always remember to do this. I might steal your idea this year.

Fri May 09, 10:43:00 PM

Blogger Chad said...

They are all darling, but maybe I am just biased. The second one is pretty cute with topher's typical mischievious pose.

Fri May 09, 11:15:00 PM

Blogger sarawhat said...

I think I'm going to do this tomorrow too. What cute pictures! Your kids are darling.

Sat May 10, 06:29:00 PM

Blogger Lisa C said...

I like the top one best, too. I think you should leave it in color, but add some sepia tone. I'm gonna email you an example of what I mean.

Sat May 10, 07:02:00 PM

Blogger Positively Peaches said...

I like the 1st one as well however, I would have to agree with chad that Christopher looks pretty cute in #2. Hey one question would you be able to change our name to The Party of Five we don't want anyone going to our page knowing our name. We have had a few random people leaving comments that make me uncomfortable so this is just one more way of keeping the kids safe. Thanks.

Thu May 15, 07:33:00 AM

Blogger Jennie Minor said...

Tiffany, It's Jennie (Faulkner) Minor Chad's cousin. I found you through Priscilla and Tim's blog. Your kids are so adorable. I can't believe how big they are getting. So cute!

Tue May 20, 03:29:00 PM


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