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Making the World Cuter: "More Dinosaurs!"

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"More Dinosaurs!"

This is what we heard as Christopher ran from one dinosaur to the next at the Dinosaur trail at the zoo. As suspected this was something he loved! They were a little too lifelike for him to turn his back on them-so I couldn't get any pictures of him looking at me in front of a dinosaur without his dad holding him. They moved and roared and growled and even spit at us-and Topher thought it was the coolest ever. Until we got to the T-Rex. It was life-size, and when it roared it shook the ground. Christopher was fascinated by him, but when he roared he would grab on to Chad like there was no tomorrow, say "uh-oh" and get a scared look on his face, but then wanted to stay and hear it again. He was a little upset when we got to the end of the trail and there were no more dinosaurs to see-just the regular live animals-no comparison mom! Dinosaurs are way cooler!


Blogger A. Simpson said...

Surprised he wasn't scared. I'm a little freaked out myself.

Thu May 22, 12:19:00 PM

Blogger The Perkes Family said...

My boys would have loved that.

Thu Jun 05, 05:48:00 PM


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