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Making the World Cuter: The Non-Santa Photos

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


The Non-Santa Photos

On Tuesday we went out to Washington Square for the traditional photo with Santa. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch, talked with Chester the Bear and went and saw the Jolly old man himself!
So where is the pic of my kids smiling happily from Santa's lap? Well they are non-existant! And yes, my kids sat on his lap, they smiled, they told him what they wanted etc.. but see the problem was a sign that asked "that you refrain from using your personal camera, and buy one of their packaged portrait deals". Other people in front of us were using their cameras, they just wanted you to buy the $35 3x5 print (yes that was the cheapest one!).
I didn't care, I would have taken the photo despite the sign, but Bekah wanted me to take her up to Santa and hold her hand, she was a bit nervous-so I gave Chad the job of taking the photo. He wouldn't do it because of the sign, but he wasn't willing to shell out the money either. SO I have no photo. Which means I will have to take another trip to the mall and take someone who is willing to take a picture. Chad doesn't think I need a photo, but come on mom's-you need a photo with your kids on Santa's lap, am I right?
I did get a picture of "this" Santa who was just an older gentleman walking around with his cute wife handing out candy canes to kids and telling them he would see them on Christmas Eve-really a nice thing-but not the Santa photo I was looking for!


Blogger A. Simpson said...

hahahaha! I wouldn't have cared about the sign either. Darnell is all for playin by the rules too. Stinkin husbands.

Sat Dec 15, 01:27:00 PM


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