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Making the World Cuter: If I could have lunch with anyone..

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If I could have lunch with anyone..

For the challenge on {From the Journal Jar} this week it is to do a blog or a scrapbook layout on who you would eat lunch with, if you could eat lunch with anyone. Most of this is my journaling from my scrapbook page with a few added edits.

If I could have lunch with anyone-past, present or future a lot of people come to mind. Spiritual leaders, (past and present prophets of our church, and even older ones, like Noah, Abraham and Moses-I mean how cool would that be to ask them questions about how they felt as they talked with God and angels?) passed on relatives,(my dad, my great grandma, my grandpa who I never met and probably most-Chad’s dad who passed away not long before we got married, I would LOVE to get to know him), celebrities (Ellen DeGeneres, Will Ferrell and of course the entire staff of The Office), scrapbooking guru’s, (Elsie, Becky, Jeanette, Kelli, Cathy, Stacey, Ali-I mean how cool would that be to know them all personally and not just through their highly amusing, thought provoking and most of all inspiring blogs and articles-awesome!).

I think though if I could have lunch with ANYONE it would have to be with some girls that I never thought I would have to wish to have lunch with again. Girls who I used to eat lunch with practically every day for years, girls who went to TGI Fridays for every birthday, girls that I thought would always be such a big part of my life. The girls I am referring to are a group of friends that I hung out with in high school, Melissa, Sara, Monica, Annie “Duke”, and Linds. In high school I had lots of friends I could turn to, lots of friends that I still keep in contact with today that mean a lot to me. There was something different about these girls though-we were all so opposite, but we shared so much.
Linds is on top---->

The dance picture-all the girls (except Linds), From top left; Duke and Monica. From bottom left; Melissa, me and Sara. Birthday pic of me on my 20th b-day at TGI Fridays with Melissa next to me, and the last one is Melissa, me and Duke. I have more dance pics-but other than Melissa, I found I was sadly lacking in pictures of these girls!!!
Melissa is one of those special people that people are just drawn to, it might be her beautiful, contagious grin, or her playful teasing and hitting, but I think it’s because she makes everyone feel important and everyone feels like they are her best friend. Melissa and I still keep in touch, she is married, has an adorable little boy and is living in Florida thousands of miles away from Portland-but it just doesn’t seem that far, because I know we will always be close. Sara, ah Sara-I love this girl. Every time I get an email from her or a comment on my blog from her it just makes me ecstatic. She will give you a compliment, and for some reason it just means so much coming from her, maybe because she is just so sincere. She is one of the most beautiful people inside and out that you will ever meet. She is strong in her faith, stubborn as all get out and an amazing friend. Sara is in Arizona, married and has a cutie little boy too. Monica, just typing that name makes me smile. Monica always made me smile-she was always paranoid about something, very dramatic and very extreme. I always thought of her as the grown up in the group, she seemed to have an old soul. I haven’t talked to Monica in years; I don’t even know where to look for her. She married her high school sweetheart and last I talked to her, she had a little boy and a little girl that were simply beautiful. Annie, we called her “Duke”, she was younger than us, but still just as much a part of the group. She is hysterical, she is fun, she is athletic, (all these girls were by the way), she always had a great story to tell and this great laugh I can still hear. I haven’t talked to her in years either, but last I talked to her, she and her husband were buying their first home. Then there is Linds. Linds was a year older than us and so went off to college in Logan when we were seniors. This girl was a little granola, a little vintage, a little superman, a little funky and little. She was short (which we reminded her often) and full of adventure. Every time we hung out, we laughed till we cried. We lost touch about 5 years ago, and I really don’t know anything about what happened, if she got married or moved to China or what.
So if I could have lunch with anyone, it would be them. We would go to TGI Fridays and we would all eat breadsticks in Alfredo, share appetizers and meals and then all get Oreo Madness. I would make sure we got lots of pictures, because I don’t have any of all of us together, I’m sure some where taken, but I don’t have them. I would make them all promise to keep in touch. I would make sure all of them had blogs or at least working email addresses and we would sing Weezer’s “The good life”. We would give each other a high five before hugs and exclaim, “hi-five you’re in!” and we would be the only ones laughing. We wouldn’t need to bring a stick along, because we would all be there and at the end of the night we would say “Love your guts and rip your lips off” and everyone would wonder what that was all about-but we wouldn’t, because that’s what we do.

I could do a whole weeks worth of blogs on the inside stories from that last paragraph-and someday I might. If any of you girls read this-I love your guts!


Blogger The Johnston's said...

Great blog! Now I'll have to think about this one. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to get a page done, but I'll for sure blog it! YEAH FOR ME!! I'm so glad I won, this was my last opportunity...sadly I'm packing my scrapbooking stuff away in the next week. :( It'll be nice to be able to participate again...hopefully sooner than later and definately in the new year! Thanks Tiff!

Wed Nov 28, 12:00:00 PM

Blogger Melissa said...

Tiff- Hey I was thinking about all the girls just the other day. Remember the gatherings around lins dinner table after dances? HA HA HA good times. Candace ran into lins mom and she said Lins isn't married and is continuing her education in pharmacy school I think. Duke and Mon I saw before I had Owen and Mon is living in Af down the street from where her mom lives and teaching math in Spanish Fork. Duke was doing great working and stuff. Any how I loved your post it brought back some good memories. Marks little bro. is the SBO historian and it reminds me of our good times when he talks about stuff. Who would of thought that it would be such an important role in your amazing scrapbook talent. your amazing and if I ever eat a choc chip cookie it reminds me of the haunted rock house. Your amazing tiff and you have adorable kids. I love your blog! Love ya rip your lips off!!! Miss

Wed Nov 28, 12:25:00 PM

Blogger Jessie said...

wow, i'd like to know those girls too! i totally know what you mean about not living close to them but feeling close (my brothers and sister and i are the same way)

Thu Nov 29, 10:58:00 AM

Blogger XO said...

Okay, hold on, you totally forgot someone - She's the one who was always there for everyone, always skinnier (love her guts) than everyone and has such an open, honest, beautiful soul. She is above so much of the "smallness" in the world (a testament to the greatness of her heart) and probably the first one who would actually find us all just to organize another lunch (which I'm sure we would all enjoy).

Thanks for a stroll down memory lane. There's a little saddness in my heart for times that will never come again, but that just means that we had that many good times, so it's worth it.

Fri Nov 30, 08:05:00 AM

Blogger The Woolner Family said...

Mmm, lunch.

Sun Dec 02, 09:17:00 AM


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