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Making the World Cuter: Budding Artist or Perhaps Bartender?

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


Budding Artist or Perhaps Bartender?

Bekah LOVES to paint. I am constantly buying her new paints so that she stays out of mine. I have to admit she's a pretty good little artist! She paints some super cute pictures and sometimes does just a bunch of different colored lines and shapes-but they are still pretty cute.
Well lately Topher wants to do EVERYTHING his sister does. It's pretty cute, they have become a lot closer in playing levels lately. Topher understands most of what Bekah says, and he will play 'pretend' with her for hours-sitting or standing wherever she wants him to. Well it's no different in painting-most of the time I make Bekah wait till Topher is asleep, because he always makes such a mess with the water-(I don't actually give him paint-just water and a brush-I may be a little crazy, but I'm not stupid!).
I let him go to town while I snapped some pics of him, but after awhile of watching him, I thought he might not be interested in the art at all-and more in the aspect of dipping his brush in whatever crumb or trying to get some of the color off bekahs pictures and mixing it into his water.
My suspicions were confirmed when after he had just the right concoction of dirty water-he took a big long gulp. Yuck! Why didn't I stop him? For the picture of course! I took it away, right after I snapped the pic, as he was sputtering dirty water all down his chin, but a kids gotta learn right?
Not my kid! He thought to himself-what this water needs is a little pencil lead and went right to work sticking colored pencils in the water and swirling them around. A nice putrid color of brown/green was worked up and Topher, yup, went for another swig. Don't worry,I took it away this time. After all, last call was hours ago!


Blogger The DeWeese's said...

hahaha.... i love those two, cant wait to see them this weekend :) love you!

Sat Aug 04, 07:10:00 PM

Blogger The Woolner Family said...

Ah yes, I thought Sam was alone in his desire to slurp down anything that is liquid. I also tried the water colors--he licked the palate of colors. We should get them together.

Sat Aug 04, 09:45:00 PM

Blogger John and Jess said...

Well of course Bekah loves to paint! look at her artisic mom!! Topher looks so cute with his new hair cut!!

Mon Aug 06, 04:03:00 PM


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