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*did i hear a niner in there?

Only nine more days to go! Day one was surprisingly okay for me, Chad couldn't stop thinking about steaks and bacon cheeseburgers-but there were times of the day that I actually felt full. I feel great today-not too hungry, and when I do get hungry I just make another glass of lemonade. My mom is doing it too, and her and Chad both say they are starving. Hopefully it gets easier for them and stay this easy for me! I'm not saying I couldn't go for-well anything- for lunch, but I am okay with my lemonade, knowing that this is good for me and my weight (yikes! I really let it get a little out of my control lately!) If I can do this for a whole 10 days, it will prove to me that I can really do anything, and the first thing I intend to do is start eating healthier right from the get go-this is sort of like a fresh start-I'm actually excited about it.


Blogger A. Simpson said...

Yup, after Darnell took his nutrition class in school, we started eating a lot healthier. Do you cook with olive oil and/or canola oil? They're the best for you, also if you don't know yet Olive oil is delish!!!

Tue Jul 10, 02:13:00 PM

Blogger tim and priscilla said...

you guys are crazy! i had roommates that did this cleansing thing and i could never do. way to be so disciplined! I will just keep all the filth inside my body, it is hard enough for me to fast 24 hours, I turn into an evil person when I am really hungry. For the sake of our marriage, don't think Tim would let me do a cleansing when I think about it:) Anyways, everyone is so excited to see all of you, what day exactly will you be here?

Wed Jul 11, 10:50:00 AM

Blogger Goodman Family said...

You are so brave. Once I am done breastfeeding McKenna, I am going to do the cleanse. I have a while, but for now, I just get to be jealous. Good luck... and keep us posted.

Wed Jul 11, 04:48:00 PM


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