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Making the World Cuter: One Spot Goodness and Roslyn Lake

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


One Spot Goodness and Roslyn Lake

For all of you Target fans out there like me-you know what I'm talkin about-The One Spot Rocks! I always find some of the coolest things there. Anyway I took the kids there on Friday and let them each pick something out. Zach got some Simpson thing and Topher picked out a ball-but the good stuff is what the girls picked out. Ryeleigh picked out a little scrapbook that she has almost filled up-this has given her hours of busy work that I am very grateful for, and Bekah got this big bubble blower that kept her and Topher busy for a very long time. Love those kind of finds!
This other picture is Roslyn Lake-the part of Oregon we went exploring this weekend. It was raining when we got there but still so beautiful. Especially the drive. I caught myself in yet another-"Oh my gosh, I am my mother" moment when I started yelling at the kids to look out their windows and enjoy all this beauty. I remember going on road trips as a little girl and getting highly annoyed at my mom for this. We would be driving through some part of beautiful scenery and I would be trying to read a book, (yes I was quite the bookworm as a kid) and my mom would get so mad that I wasn't looking out the window in complete awe like she was. I now know why she would do this-God has made this earth stunning, and I want my kids to appreciate it the way I do now.


Blogger The DeWeese's said...

pretty pretty pretty(its still prettier up here... you should move up)

Wed Jun 13, 02:19:00 PM

Blogger A. Simpson said...

Every post you put up makes me miss Portland! I want my dollar spot back! I agree it does have awesomely fun stuff in it!!

Fri Jun 15, 06:39:00 AM


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