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From Cute to Disaster in 30 seconds Flat!

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Making the World Cuter: From Cute to Disaster in 30 seconds Flat!

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


From Cute to Disaster in 30 seconds Flat!

A little background first. I have this shelf, basically in my entry way (I don't have anywhere else to put it). I love it-(thanks Tab-for the fantastic find, I still have yours too by the way!) it is full to the brim with scrapbooking supplies all organized and pretty and ready to use. There was a big problem with that though and that problem is called Christopher. If I didn't have a way to cover the shelf up-my stuff would be destroyed pretty darn quick! My step dad cut me a piece of wood (bless him!) to cover it up with and Chad put heavy duty velcro on the shelf to hold the piece of wood on. Now all of my supplies are covered up and still easy enough to get into for me, but Topher can't pull the velcro (yet). So everything is dandy-In the back of my head I kept thinking I would do something creative and cute with this piece of wood so that it doesn't look so blah-but hadn't had that extra push to do something until tonight. Christopher got out the colored pencils and started coloring all over it. I almost lost it, until Chad said to let the little kids paint on it and put their handprints etc.. on it, until I figure out what to do with it. Fine. It started out fine anyway, the babies were being so cute, painting little swatches of color, Bekah wrote mom on it, & Topher put his handprint on it (with my help). Then after I went to put the camera away, I came out and saw Zachary putting his handiwork all over it, by the time I stopped him it was too late. He smeared big red and orange all over it with one of my big sponge brushes and started to write his name in big red letters. Lets just say I will be making a trip to the Home Depot tomorrow for some spray paint and pray that it will cover up this mess!


Blogger The DeWeese's said...

hahaha... that makes me laugh!

Wed Jun 27, 11:22:00 AM


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