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Making the World Cuter

A blog where one woman is on a mission to make the world cuter, one kid, cupcake or crafty thing at a time.


We had our little Potty Party for Bekah on Friday night. She thought she was quite the little super star. We did the whole Chuck E Cheese experience-even eating the pizza! Bekah loves pizza, and usually I would seriously advise against eating their pizza, but it wasn't bad at all last night!
We watched some of the show, which in my book was pretty pathetic-I swear they were more animated when I was a kid. They barely blinked their eyes and moved their hands-no wonder Christopher was terrified of them! It was his first time at the giant mouse's house, and he found the whole thing a little overwhelming. He liked some of the rides as long as Barney or any of the other huge characters were not on them. The only ride with a character on it that he would sit on was the Bob the Builder tractor. Christopher had quite the conversation with Bob about, I believe the size of Bob's nose, that is where all of Topher's energy was going during the conversation. Apparentley Bob wasn't budging about 'plastic' surgery, because Topher got bored about half way through the ride and decided to get off the tractor, luckily Grandma was there to catch him, or this would be quite the different story. Christopher did enjoy the games that he could hit the flashing buttons and bang a hammer, but for the most part I think he was just overwhelmed at the whole thing and ended up crashing hard.
Bekah on the other hand loved it! Every thing about it! She especially loved the spider stomp and the toddler play ground. She loved all the attention and that the whole night was about her and that she got to do whatever she wanted there with no limits. It was her perfect night. I think her favorite thing was posing for the camera-my favorite one is the one where she stood in front of the teletubby ride and showed me the sign for scared-that about sums up the teletubbies for us all cutie!
As for us big people, Chad, Grandma, Aunt Babba & I, we had our share of fun too.
My favorite part of going to places like this as I am sure you can guess is taking pictures and watching the kids have fun. That is not Chad's favorite part. Don't get me wrong, he will play with the kids and pose for the occasional picture, but he gets a hold of a cup of tokens and good luck getting him away from the games. He is worse than the kids-although he does win a lot of tickets for them. If there was a ski ball league, I think he'd join it. It's not just those games though-all of the arcade type games that you can pretend you are driving a fast car, snowmobile or helicopter-he's first in line, knocking over small children to get on them. We girls had fun too though, we played on that Dance Dance Revolution for way too long. It's hard! You have to try it, you will get quite the workout, and who doesn't like to jump up and down and act like a complete moron in front of a huge crowd of people? I know it is one of my favorite activities.

Well it was a fun little party, and with nearly 400 tickets won, Bekah was able to get about 75 cents worth of really silly stuff! A real success in her book-now we can say we did the Chuck E Cheese thing this year right? Isn't that the limit???


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